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Museum of New Mexico Foundation: Mission, Vision, Core Values

Our Mission

The mission of the Museum of New Mexico Foundation is to support the Museum of New Mexico system through fund development for exhibitions and education programs, financial management and advocacy.

Our Vision

We envision a Museum of New Mexico that will have ever-increasing resources to pursue its mission and create engaging cultural experiences for all New Mexico residents and visitors.

Our Core Values

Integrity: We will meet the highest ethical and professional standards by:

  • Being accountable to our mission, donors, members, partners and the public
  • Earning trust by building relationships, being competent, transparent, following through on our commitments and being responsible stewards of our donors’ gifts
Collaboration: We value collaboration and cooperation in our workplace and in our work with others.

Inclusiveness: We foster an atmosphere of accessibility, diversity, respect and belonging for all.

Excellence: We are committed to excellence both in the results we achieve and the way in which we achieve those results.

Leadership: We will provide resources, innovative ideas and initiative to support the Museum of New Mexico’s quest for excellence.

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